Why Adopt

Adopt a Rhino: Kinyanjui

Black Rhino

Name: Kinyanjui (named after a long-term supporter of rhino conservation in Kenya)

Species: Black rhino

About Kinyanjui: Kinyanjui is lucky. He has escaped the poachers who have slaughtered 95 per cent of rhino populations in recent decades. He is now one of less than 500 black rhinos left alive in Kenya.

About rhinos: The greatest threat facing rhinos today is the demand for their horn, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is traded illegally. WWF aims to eliminate illegal and unsustainable trade by supporting the enforcement of appropriate wildlife trade laws, and helping to develop them where they do not yet exist.

From just £3.00 a month you can adopt a rhino. Your money will help WWF to safeguard the future of wild rhinos, and tackle some of the biggest conservation challenges facing our world today. Sponsor a rhino today and make a difference.